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Tour of America
With stops in Wilmington, DE, Houston, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Los Angeles and other cities and towns, this event receives ESPN taped coverage.

Network / Cable TV
The expansion of TV sports coverage makes cycling more attractive. For example, OLN broadcast 21 straight days of prime time coverage of the Tour de France this year.

Lance Armstrong / Greg Lemond
The former World Champion and Tour de France winner and the current World Champion and Tour de France give cycling hero figures much like other sports.

Measured in terms of participants and spectators, American cycling has grown enormously in the past few years.

The age old adage is that "everyone can ride a bike".

Corporate Involvement

  • General Motors - Saturn Cycling Team
  • Ford Motors - Mercury Professional Cycling Team
  • EDS - US. National Team
  • Saab Cars USA o Norwest Bank
  • First Union
  • Adelphia
  • Outdoor Life Network