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Americans have a strong sporting tradition. We are also competitive economically. As sports such as running illustrate, marrying these traits together can produce both athletic and corporate success. This proposal shows how a sponsor can take advantage of the opportunities in the booming sport of cycling. Through such involvement, the sponsor can establish an association with fitness and cycling through its sponsorship of a premier cycling team.

First organized and promoted in 1988, the International Cycling Professional Cycling Team has been one of the best programs in the country. Winners of 280 races all over the world, they've been Olympians and national champions with tremendous athletic ability. Our goal over the next ten years is to make the program one of the top Division 1 teams in the world with the ultimate goal being a place on the starting line at the greatest sporting event in the world, the Tour de France. We also offer as an alternative a Division 2 professional team that focuses on the US market only.

Equally important, each program is organized and managed by racing enthusiasts who, through experience in both the cycling and corporate worlds, combine the necessary knowledge of the sport to promote the team and to understand the technical side of professional cycling. The team will, as a result, be able to effectively communicate the sponsors image to it's targeted markets and specific marketing goals.

It's no wonder that The New York Times dubbed cycling "the sport of the millennium". Cycling is experiencing an unprecedented boom in popularity on both the recreational and competitive levels.

A professionally organized cycling team, as a promotion, provides an extremely advantageous return on investment when used to:

A. Increase company visibility -- According to Sheila Griffin, world wide marketing director for Motorola, "Sponsorship of professional cycling has provided Motorola a unique opportunity for increased corporate identification and exposure, and we feel the program has been extremely effective in building brand name awareness for Motorola". Further more the program has produced a 6: 1 return on their investment. According to Medalist Sports, media coverage of our domestic Saab Professional Cycling Team has been valued at over $2,500,000 ( see details ) on an annual basis. A potential 50% increase in this number is expected for a international team.

B. Target Preferred Customers -- Cycling demographics match up well with most companies customers. By using cycling and focusing on a tighter, more selective category of people, (according to the National Sporting Goods Association, 33% of all cyclist are in professional/managerial careers) your company can reach a greater number of potential buying customers.

C. Exploit Merchandising and Sales Opportunities -- By licensing jerseys, caps, t-shirts and team related items a sponsor can recoup a portion of its investment. With a well planned, turn key, sales program, staffed by International Cycling, before, during and after the each event, the sponsor can actually cover some of the costs of the promotion. In addition, team related products will be sold through 2500 retail establishments world wide. A royalty fee is normally paid on each item sold. See examples on this site.

D. Entertain Clients, Company Employees and Others -- A company is all about people. It is intellectual capital and individuals working as a team. Cycling has similar values, the team aspect, working hard to achieve the ultimate goal. Your employees and customers can become part of the team. Increase sales, increase moral. No other professional sport can do this.

E. Create a Positive Image Within the World Community. -- The concept of an international professional cycling team with riders from around the world brings additional dollars and good will to the local and world community.

F. A True Year Long Promotion. -- Professional Cycling starts in January and ends in December. Your team will be competing in over 150 races in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia and the US.

G. Value. -- We believe that pro cycling is the best value in US or International professional sports. Be the big fish in the small pond!